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Become a Partner

No Greater Love, International's Partners (NGLIP) are key to the success of its ministry. Thank you for giving and praying!

We're continually looking for partners who believe in the mission of NGLI. To  become a partner or financial contributor, material contributor (new or used items such as computers, vehicles, literature, and clothing), prayer partner or volunteer, please do not hesitate!  Contact us at info@ngli.org or email drshaka.ngli@gmail.com or call Dr Richard Shaka at 1-612-251-4744 to find out how you can get involved!

Please take note of the following info:

  • NGLI Financial Institution is:  Wells Fargo Bank - USA
  • THINK NGLI and pray daily for NGLI
  • Become a life member of NGLI
  • NGLI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and every financial contribution made to its cause is tax deductible.
  • You can adopt a child.  Ten US Dollars can support a child per week (not including a child's education).  Do pray and let the Lord lead you to support a child.
  • You can provide nonperishable foods and clothing; household and building materials to NGLI orphanages (please call 1-612-251-4744).
  • Attend NGLI Informational Annual Dinners and Banquettes [NGLI_IADB]. Please request for direction, dates, and place for dinner.
  • Make a mission's trip to evangelize and to see whats happening on site(s)
  • Send NGLI your email address to send you additional information
  • Visit NGLI website at www.ngli.org



Group in Bo




NGLI uses Soccer to Reach the Youth in Bo.  The Apostle Paul advised that the Gospel of Christ should be preached by "all means."  NGLI has taken Paul's admonition to use soccer as a means to reach the youth in Bo City, in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone. NGLI has divided the City into four zones to compete each other in friendly soccer matches.  The intent of the games has multiple benefits for the propagation of the Gospel.  While the game is being played, and the crowd gather to watch, tracts are distributed and at the same time some personal witnessing is going on.

Secondly, the games keep the youths out of trouble while they are concentrated on their teams' support for a long period of time.  During practice time before the competitions begin they are engaged in long hours of practices. NGLI has discovered that soccer is an effective method the youths of keeping out trouble while at the same time, they having good civil interactions with each other within the communities. Thirdly, the people are right there as receivers of the Gospel message without rejection and persecution.






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