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Current Projects

All NGLI projects align with the three-fold objective of community development, establishing youth centers, and building children's homes. The following are the current NGLI projects in Sierra Leone.

Community Development and Children's Home

No Greater Love has purchased 11.8 of acres of land in the village of Gelehun, seven miles out of Bo, for the purpose of community and spiritual develoment. The Betty Savage Memorial Interim Care Center (BSMICC) has been opened and is in full operation with 10 children and 3 staff. We are actively looking for a second home in order to extend care to more children. 


NGLI has purchased a 3,000 liter water tank and other supplies are being installed to improve the facilities.

The land we own will progressively house the expansion of the children's homes and a NGLI Ministry Center, which will include a public education center, a House of Prayer, a seminary and other ministry projects. The land has been demarcated and is currently being prepared for development.

Our next step in this process of development is the opening of a second home, specifically for children orphaned because of the Ebola epidemic. A house needs to be prepared to receive these vulnerable children in a family-like setting. The structure of our first home will be a model of the future homes as we expand across the 11.8 acres.  

   The Crossroads Youth Development Center

Congratulations to The Crossroad's staff and members, as the one-year anniversary was celebrated on July 1, 2010! Strategically located in the heart of Freetown, The Crossroads youth development center and computer school offer a multi-purposed service to the youth. 

  • Internet Cafe. Open to the public, the cafe draws local Sierra Leoneans, including students from nearby universities. The revenue from the Internet Cafe will provide funds necessary to run The Crossroads.
  • Computer School. Offering a discounted opportunity for youth to receive computer training equips young people with skills that lead to a hopeful future. Classes in typing, Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point and Access are offered and taught by one of Freetown's best instructors, Mohamed Bah.
  • Ministry and Mentoring. Our ultimate aim is to offer guidance and counseling in truth as young people find themselves at a crossroads in life. What do I do with my future? Who am I really? Which way should I go? Through relationships and recreation opportunities at the Crossroads (such as games, TV, and a place to come hang out) a safe community is built which allows such questions to be surfaced. Discipleship takes place formally and informally every day.

More than 100 computers have been donated. Thanks goes to North Central University and Nestle Corp. in Cleveland for making The Crossroads Youth Development Center possible!


Soccer Galas (NGLI Youth and Community Programs)

The aim of interactions such as soccer galas is to socially, physically, and mentally develop youth who have been displaced, unemployed, wandering and/or involved in criminal activities. The civil war, which lasted until 2002, left many youths on the streets. Soccer galas are a way to relationally involve these teens with experiences that will encourage positive self-esteem and well-being.

Soccer gala




Through missionaries, short-term trips and partnering with the local church in Sierra Leone, NGLI affirms its motto as "save all." To introduce people to their Maker, Jesus Christ, and to share the gift of eternal life is the thrust behind all our efforts. We are currently assembling an NGLI Evangelistic Team who will tour the nation, city by city and village by village, with the gospel and discipleship.

Baptism in the Sewa River


NGLI America

Over the past several years, NGLI America has provided services to African immigrants, and the poor and homeless Americans. Operations centers are based out of All Nations Christian Assembly in the NE Minneapolis, MN, USA.



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