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Soccer Galas

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House in Bo#2
house in Bo#2
On the sidelines
team huddle at the soccer gala
at the soccer gala
soccer gala
lined up to play
soccer players at the gala
mid-game at the gala
soccer gala
soccer gala
soccer gala audience
soccer game
the Crossroads youth center in the CLC bookstore building
aeriel view of Freetown
Freetown market
group shot.jpg
house in Freetown
tin roof.jpg
singing at church
enjoying the breeze
at the house
meal time at the house
kids having fun
church service
Dr. Shaka preaching
the team...
the beauty of Sierra Leone
kids at the center
mass grave from civil war
Santos and PM, vital members of the team!
sorting fish on the shore
fishermen lined with their nets
fresh fish
Rev. Danny and Sister Cindy, missionaries to Sierra Leone
daily Bible study at Danny and Cindy's house in Bo#2
the evening Bible study
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