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Amber Helms/Richard Shaka - Fri Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:21AM
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I love to watch a crowd of people turn into individuals over time.  Instead of a sea of strangers, Zechariah, Sameula, Josephine and Yata emerge.  Returning to West Africa and investing into relationships reminds me of our ultimate purpose, loving people

I want to give you a taste of what we did during our month in Sierra Leone, 2010.  

Starting in Bo, we furthered foundations of the children's home, from painting and furnishing to paperwork and meetings. This first home will be a model of the future homes as we expand across the 11 acres.  We now wait on City Council for the final approval before we launch.  In the small village of Gelehun, we focused on an evangelistic campaign.  A few hundred individuals, like Abraham, Mohamed and Kady, found freedom and life in Jesus and were plugged into Sewa A/G.  In Freetown, we were thrilled with the progress of The Crossroads youth development center and computer school as the one-year anniversary was celebrated on July 1.  We hired a Spiritual Supervisor to emphasize our aim.

In one month we all effected eternity.  Thanks for the support and encouragement now and over the past years!

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Richard Shaka - Mon Mar 08, 2010 @ 07:09AM
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I feel the winds of inspiration, the Holy Spirit is MOVING on me. Have a question for you. "What Do You Have That God Wants?" We as God's creatures need to be totally committed to Him. God needs our whole-selves in love, in obedience, and in service with everything that constitutes our being: our body, our heart, our soul, and our spirit. I especially do appeal to you today that you commit YOURSELF to God and feel His loving hands wrapped around you.

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Amber Helms - Mon Feb 23, 2009 @ 04:29AM
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Welcome to the very first blog for the new website. We are busily working to keep up with the speed at which NGLI is excellerating!

In June of 2007, a small group took off for Sierra Leone, West Africa, completely unaware of what was around the corner for this nation. Through a series of divine appointments, meetings, and miraculous events, we ended up purchasing about 10 acres of land right outside Bo. You see, something great is happening in Sierra Leone!

This photo, now a year and half old, is myself and Joma infront of the undeveloped land right after purchase...

Now, visions of a children's home, community aid, education centers, and the proclamation of the Savior, Jesus Christ, fill these acres. We are ultimately for the glory of God, that His Name would be made known throughout the earth before Jesus Christ returns.

Thanks for visiting and please stay in contact as we grow and see His Kingdom go forth!

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